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Listed below are several services that we specialize in, however we are a general contractor and with decades of experience, have typically been able to accomplish any related task asked of us by our customers.

Before and After Fire Renovation

Pictures above show the before and after of work resulting from a very hot fire that affected 10 storage units in Jacksonville, Florida.

General Contractor installed new metal siding before and after

This building was remodeled at the front entrance where water damage and insect infestations demanded action. Metal panels were installed to create a new custom look.
Metal Wall Panel Craftsmanship

 Vehicle Damage Repairs to block column

Repair of Vehicle Damage
This column was damaged by a vehicle strike. After ascertaining that no structural damage was done, we repaired and repainted the column to look almost like new.

Waterproofing a commercial building

Commercial and Residential Waterproofing:

This picture shows a long commercial building that had water intrusion at the foundation. Applied waterproof membrane to entire building from the slab up. Problem Solved.