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Welcome to the General Contractor Gallery - This gallery presents pictures from before and after an intense fire in a commercial building. We were called upon to restore the building to commercial use and were on the scene in a matter of several days.

General Contractor's Fire Restoration Gallery

Fire Restoration involves removal of damaged structures and property, intense cleaning and restoration of facilities. Pictures below present a before and after view of fire restoration repairs by this general contractor to a commercial property after a severe fire.
Red Iron required stiffening as part of Fire Restoration> Before Fire Restoration After Fire Restoration
This fire in a commercial storage unit in Jacksonville was hot enough to melt red metal "I" beams. Household goods lay strewn about as an aftermath of the fire fighting efforts required to put out this blaze. After Fire Restoration, all units were put back on line with no sign of smoke damage and no smell.
Fire damage to door, building, structure and roof Before picture of units damaged by fire After shot of units repaired by general contractor
Several units near the center of the fire had to be completely rehabilitated. Before view of building showing major smoke and fire damage to center and surrounding units. This picture shows the units after fire restoration
Damage from fire, see-through building Fire Damage repair completed Fire damaged goods strewn about the parking lot

This photo shows damage from the fire, note that you can see right through the storage unit.
This photo looks back into one of the units restored. Another shot showing how extensive the fire damage was to this property.
Hot fire burned through doors and roof Storae units interiors completely restored Storage Units completely restored after fire damage
This hot fire did not distinguish between building and property. 10 units return to service looking brand new. This area was gutted by the fire, and is now ready and available for new customers.

Before and After Shots of Commercial Fire Restoration