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Welcome to the General Contractor Gallery - Over time we will accumulate sets of pictures to display an example of the kind of work we do and the results our customers enjoy. After 2005's Hurricane Wilma, we had a lot of hurricane damage to repair which always makes for interesting photo's. We are still gathering our gallery together. The following pictures would be called 'before' shots and we hope to display the 'after' shots to these or others soon.

General Contractor's Photo's from around Florida

Emergency Response to clear damage from building destroyed by Hurricane. Hurricane Damage was repaired by General Contractor What a site as we descend on the scene to clear Hurricane Damage.
Hurricane Wilma left only the back wall of this mini warehouse. This damage has been removed and the building rebuilt, watch for after photo's soon. Hurricane Wilma decided to air condition this multi-story corner. The corner pointed into the direction from which the wind was blowing, hard and fast. We repaired this damage to look like new, though there's no 'after' photo. Hurricane Wilma leveled these storage units like they were made of balsa wood.
Custom Drainage alleviates flooding. Diamond Plate installed to lobby Custom Awning to protect from rain
This picture shows a customized drainage solution where there was little room. The ditch was filling up and causing a leak into the building Diamond plate aluminum was installed to this commercial building. In this situation, an awning was determined to be the least, best alternative to stop rainwater intrusion.
Fence job required mending and replacing. General Contractor installed chain link fence Florida Gator

This photo shows the job before where the fence line was sagging and some poles bent, broken or rusted.
This is the after photo of the same fence job. This big fella was watching us put up Hurricane Shutters, and contemplating his next meal."
rotted T-111 Siding we replaced Metal Siding Installation General Contractor after shot of new Metal Siding
This building sported rotting T-111 plywood siding in this before picture. Replacing T-111 with metal panels provides a sharp, low maintenance look. Another photo of the sleek metal siding on this commercial building.